Bubble & Bee Organic

Quick summary: Bubble & Bee is an excellent green company with affordable organic products that everyone in your family will love. The company offers an enormous range of body care products. In fact, maybe all the body care products you’ll ever need to stay clean and smooth.

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CompanyBubble & Bee Organic

Parent company (if any): No

eco-friendly body care, organic skincare, organic lotion, organic companies, eco company, organic body care

Affordable Gift Basket

Type of products:

Body care products including organic facial care, insect repellent, deodorant, lip balms, soaps, hair care, body scrubs and more.

Animal welfare:

This company is not fully vegan but do carry a mass of vegan products. They use beeswax and honey in some products, such as their lip balms, lotion sticks, lotion bars, honey & rosehip facial cleanser, and the beeswax-based deodorant sticks. Shower gels, soaps, pit puttys, face creams, cucumber and pineapple face washes, deodorant sprays, baths salts, salt scrubs, insect repellent, soap nuts are all 100% vegan.

They’re part of Peta’s cruelty-free program and only test their products on humans.


eco-friendly body care, organic skincare, organic lotion, organic companies, eco company, organic body care

Raspberry Jam Sweetheart Soap

Organic integrity:

Bubble & Bee is 100% forthcoming about their organics – a refreshing change of pace from most companies. When a product is organic, they tell you loud and clear, and it’s the same when they offer a non-organic product.

  • Bubble & Bee Organic is a certified organic processing facility, certified by the Utah State Department of Agriculture and Food.
  • Produces most of their products organically, and the ones they don’t are clarified in great detail on their website.


  • Recycles all excess packaging that comes to them (as much as possible).
  • Uses only recyclable or reusable materials for all product containers and packaging, such as post-consumer recycled PET plastic.
  • Currently exploring the option of solar or wind power for their facility.
  • When the company runs out of reusable packaging materials, they buy recycled newsprint roll ends from their local newspaper press.

eco-friendly body care, organic skincare, organic lotion, organic companies, eco company, organic body care,Organic Insect Repellent

Ingredients & safety:

  • Part of the Coming Clean Campaign – something I really like to see body care companies on board with.
  • Most of their products are free from parabens, propylene glycol, ethoxylated compounds, aluminum, SLS, “fragrance,” artificial colors, micas, oxides, DEA, TEA, Urea and other harmful substances.
  • They offer a helpful archive of articles about harmful chemicals in body care products – thus educating customers.
  • Every single product on their site is clearly marked “organic” or not, and offers full usage and ingredients info, so you won’t be tricked or buy something you don’t want.


I think their prices are extremely fair, maybe even a little low considering their high quality and their organic certification. A few of their treat-minded items run a bit high, such as 8 oz of 100% Organic Body Butter for $24.95, but that’s to be expected. Lotions tend to run high.

5 typical price examples include:

  • 100% Organic Lip Balm - $4
  • 100% Organic deodorant – $10
  • 8 oz salt scrub – $15
  • Nice big chunks of sweet scented soap – $6
  • 100% Organic Insect Repellent – $10

eco-friendly body care, organic skincare, organic lotion, organic companies, eco company, organic body care,Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub

Extra perks…

  • Unopened package return policy.
  • Online shop - no searching all over for their products!
  • The fact that they’re trying to combat the whole toxic deodorant issue is a huge deal, because conventional deodorant is a big bad when it comes to toxins. I haven’t tried their deodorants, but, the mere fact that they offer a gigantic range means you’re more likely to find a non-toxic deodorant to suit you.
  • Many products come in tiny sizes that easily slip into a purse or bag or even a pocket. For example their nice lotion sticks allow for organic-on-the-go ease!
  • Adorable packaging, but not so sticky sweet that you couldn’t give these products to a “manly man”. Plus, all ingredients and labels are clearly laid out on their packaging, even on their smallest products.
  • Their product range is appealing to women, men and kids. Many organic companies only make products for one type of consumer, but not B&B.
  • Large range of product scents and for scent-sensitive individuals, there are fragrance-free options as well.
  • Clearly laid out website that’s easy as pie to navigate.

Not so perky…

Honestly, I looked and looked and found no cons about Bubble & Bee. This is simply an excellent company that’s 100%  forthcoming and as healthy as possible.

Products I’ve tried:



5 out of 5 little trees. This is not a 100% organic company, but they ARE NOT organic fakers – meaning they don’t say, “Hey this is organic” when a product is clearly not. Very few companies are selling honest organics, so this is a huge perk.

Organic integrity, partnered with affordable prices, a wide range of products and clear green practices make this a wonderful eco-company to spend your dollars with. No tricks; just lots of awesome body care treats.

Connect with the company:

Take a look at my green product review criteria or read more company profiles

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